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01-050 A Hundred Thoughts Of Love Cento pensieri sull'amore

01-050 A Hundred Thoughts Of Love Cento pensieri sull'amore

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Fr. Divo Barsotti (1914–2006) is regrettably little known in the Asian world. This great Italian master of contemplation and spirituality is the founder of the "Community of the sons and daughters of God" (Community of the sons and daughters of God), which currently has more than 2,000 members worldwide. Father Barsotti was very fond of Asia, especially Japan, which he visited, and dedicated to her the Diario Giapponese ; it was one of his most original works (Japanese Journal - he Published more than 150 volumes). In another of his works, Luce e silenzio (Light and Silence), he also talks about a trip to Japan via Hong Kong in 1985. He marveled at the "glorious history" of the Canossian nuns in the British colony at that time, saying that this history helped to shape the spirituality of the city of Hong Kong. When teaching priests of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME), Fr. Barsotti also referred to his meeting with Archbishop Deng Yiming of the Guangzhou Archdiocese as "the greatest grace".

Divo Barsotti is a very famous missionary. In 1971, St. Paul VI invited him to host a retreat for the Holy See. Father Barsotti was completely immersed in the presence of Christ our Lord. You can understand in his writings that people must continue to struggle on the way to the holy mountain (that is, God), but grace is infinite.

What you are reading is the first book of Father Barsotti's work translated into Chinese. I hope that his profound spirituality and Catholic faith can penetrate the hearts of the Chinese people. He writes this book using the aphoristic technique, a style of writing that has a long history and tradition in both the West and the East. I hope this book is an introduction to the works of this great man and his spiritual practice, and I hope that more of his works will be published in Chinese soon, so that the Chinese people can benefit from them.

It is a pity that father Divo Barsotti (1914-2006) it is not better known in the Asian world. This great Italian mystic and spiritual leader, founder of the Community of the sons and daughters of God that now has 2000 members around the world , had a great appreciation for Asia, especially Japan that he visited and to whom he dedicated one of his most original books, “Diario Giapponese” (Japanese Journal - he authored over 150 books). In another book, “Luce e silenzio” ( Light and silence) he has also spoken about his visit to Hong Kong in his way to Japan in 1985, he marveled at the “wonderful history” of the canossian sisters in the then British colony, an history that helped to shape the soul and spirit of the city. Father Barsotti also preached to the PIME fathers and mentioned his meeting with the Archbishop of Canton Dominic Tang, meeting that he considered “the greatest grace”.

Divo Barsotti was a very well known preacher and was asked also from saint Paul VI to preach the spiritual exercises for the Roman curia in 1971. Father Barsotti was totally immersed in the Presence, Christ the Lord. Reading his books give you the impression of a man on his way to the sacred mountain that is God. Many are the struggles but countless are the graces.

This book that you are reading is the first translation in Chinese language of a book by father Barsotti, with the hope that his deep spirituality and Catholic faith may penetrate in the hearts and minds of Chinese people. Here the style he adopted is the one of aphorisms, a style that has a long history and tradition in the West and in the East. May this book be an introduction to the work and spirituality of this great man with the hope that many more books from him will soon be available to Chinese people .



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