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03-002 30 Tips for a Happy Life (eBook)

03-002 30 Tips for a Happy Life (eBook)

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Nowadays people make great efforts to have a healthy body, but this is not matched by the effort to have a healthy mind. For this reason, stress, depression, insomnia, psychosomatic illnesses, addictions, violence and the consumption of substances and psychotropic drugs have increased greatly.

The most frequent psychological ailments are related to a reduced tolerance to frustration and a low threshold of resilience which leads people to react in a very intense and negative way to the small and normal setbacks of ordinary life.

The 30 practical tips contained in this book derived from the author's long experience with his patients and students, whom he has tried to help to live in a positive way. They are intended as a vaccine to prevent anxiety, depression, stress and other ailments and thus achieve a happy life.



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