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01-049 Joseph the Silent

01-049 Joseph the Silent

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The Gospels tell us almost nothing about St. Joseph, yet his life is full of spiritual treasures. Michel Gasnier OP, here shows you where to find them and how they can enrich your own relationship with God. In this series of brief meditations he explores St. Joseph's work as a carpenter, His Marriage, His Character, The Flight Into Egypt, His Return to Nazareth, Simeon's Prophecy, and more. He gives you An e NLIGHTENING PORTRAIT of This WHO Remains One of the Church's Most ExtraordInary Saint .

Although the four Gospels actually have very little mention of Saint Joseph, we can discover a lot of hidden meanings about him. When we meditate on those details, they can be enlightening. Famous scholar Father Gasnier wrote this book in order to reconstruct the historical deeds of Saint Joseph the Great and help us learn his spirit.
The book strictly preserves the Gospel narrative and takes into account the teachings of the Church. Based on the meditation and judgment of the church fathers and saints, as well as historical documents and recent documents outside the Bible, the author puts the life of St. Joseph in an appropriate place and period.
Part meditative part, part scholarly part, this book clearly fosters a reverence for the greatest saint since the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph the Great, a saint whose silence the Church has always honored.



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